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Don't Use Raccoon Traps Before You Read This!

Looking for raccoon traps to get those furry critters out of your home?

There are many excellent options available these days.   They work great.  Are fairly inexpensive.  And can help you get any unwanted attic dwellers out in a hurry.

Havahart makes a great trap. But there are others as well.

Here's the thing though, there are some pretty serious issues you, as a homeowner, must consider.  And I would make sure to do this before you even attempt to use a trap.

The first of these issues I'm sure that most people are at least somewhat familiar with.  As for the second, most don't have a clue!

1.  Raccoons, like most all wild animals, can be extremely dangerous.  Vicious even.  Especially when cornered.

I have come across many instances of people being bitten by these caged animals.  They can bite through wire traps, nip fingers and turn on those who are simply trying to release them back into the woods.

As with any caged animal, they get aggressive because they think you are trying to harm them!

2.  As for the number two issue, it has been the main topic of this website.  It does not tend to be all that difficult to capture raccoons using traps.  Especially when they are in small, confined spaces like attics.

The problem is that simply capturing the animal and getting it out of your home, does not take into account what that unwanted house guest has left behind.

As I've shared extensively here throughout this website, these animals urinate and leave feces and scent posts all over your attic.  Especially during mating season.  If you simply set raccoon traps and capture the animal, it is NOT even close to enough.

Listen.  Hark unto me.  If you capture the animal, but don't address what it has left behind, then you can have major problems.

The scent postings will continue to attract other raccoons back to the attic.

On top of that, the feces, as gross as it sounds, dries out.  This airing process leaves you and your loved ones susceptible to airborne parasites and other nasty diseases.

As a former Florida Wildlife Control Officer and the founder of A+ Restorations, a company who deals with these situations daily, I simply have seen this too many times in the past to take it lightly.

I simply would not be doing my job if I didn't make sure to warn you about the dangers of what these animals leave behind.  I encourage you to check out our raccoon roundworm page to get an idea.

Here's what A+ Restorations will do for you.

We will come to your home and do an inspection for raccoons in your attic and any damages.  This, of course is free.  Simply call us using the number at the top of this page to set up an inspection.

We will then determine if you qualify for our special 12-step restoration procedure. Once again, if you do then it tends to be absolutely free.

In other words, you will not have to risk coming into contact with these cornered animals in your raccoon traps and endangering yourself or loved ones from bites.

Plus, and this is the "biggie", we will totally disinfect everything from  parasites and other nasty diseases these animals leave behind in your attic.

We will handle everything for you.  That is our job.

As seen on David Letterman and Fox's hit T.V. Series House...

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