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Are You Skilled At Raccoon Trapping?

Discover how you can take your raccoon trapping skills and make some serious MONEY while helping us keep homeowners and their loved ones safe.
raccoon trappingAttention fellow trappers.

We all know that raccoon trapping is a science.

There is skill involved here. Whether you're simply trapping for the sport, to make a living, or even if you're just trying to remove animals from an attic of a friend, this is nothing for the inexperienced.

The reason is simple...

These animals are territorial and if cornered get down right aggressive.  They are clever and witty and I've even known them to spring cages and chase after foolish trappers who weren't being cautious.

Once again, it takes skill and know how.

The last thing anybody wants is to get bitten by a raccoon, opossum, bat or other small mammal.  They carry some serious diseases.  Rabies and roundworm just to name a few.

With that being said, at A+ Restorations we reward our skilled trappers very generously for working with us to help keep people safe.  That's our main concern here.  And while we have done a tremendous amount of good in this field, as a former Florida Wildlife Control Officer I believe we can still do more.

The last thing we want is inexperience home owners trying to trap raccoons or other small mammals that get into their homes.  There's too much risk involved.

Not only that, but as you very well know, the greatest danger exists AFTER the raccoon has been removed from a home!

This is what most homeowner simply do not understand.  Raccoons get into their attics and scent post, urinate and leave droppings all over. These bodily secretions can be absolutely disease ridden and detrimental to health.

Every experienced trapper knows that if a raccoon, opossum, bat or other small mammal has been in a home, it's virtually guaranteed that they've did their business all over insulation and every other surface area.  

Simply removing the animal is NOT enough.

People are shocked when our experienced crews point out the horrible parasite ridden fecal matter and scent postings, not to mention the tics, fleas and other parasites that these animals bring in.  The worst of which can cause death and blindness (Raccoon Roundworm).

And even if the animal is removed, without getting rid of all those scent postings they will be back.  It's only a matter of time!

Here's where you, the skilled trapper comes in.

If you are experienced at raccoon trapping or with other animals.  If you are professional and courteous.  Then we would love to call on you to help us remove these animals from peoples homes.

It's really a two way street here.

We get many calls from homeowners with raccoons and other animals in their attics and living spaces.  If you are affiliated with us we refer the business of trapping the animal to you (please note, we only support humane procedures.  We will not tolerate animal cruelty... period!) and then we come in behind and using our specialized 12-step remediation process, we disinfect the home so that it is safe for the homeowner.  A+ Restorations is the only specialized animal biohazard remediation company in the state of Florida.

Of course, we compensate you for your services of trapping the animal.

The second way we work together is if you already have a raccoon trapping business and want to have an even greater impact on the health and safety of home owners.

If this is you, then you can simply refer our services to your clients.

Attention Trappers!!!
Get A "No Hassle", $1,000 Referral Fee.

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Listen.  As you know.  This stuff is nothing to play around with!  Homeowners need to be informed about the extreme dangers left behind by these unwanted house guests through their bodily secretions.  What better way to tell them then when you are standing face to face with them after helping rid their homes of an animal.

You simply inform them that they MUST (there really is no option here.  It's a matter of safety.) have the attic space disinfected by experienced professionals to ensure that it is completely free from these horrid diseases.  And given that we have the only 12-step animal biohazard remediation process of it's kind, there is absolutely no company more experienced to handle this job then A+ Restorations.

Of course, we compensate you handsomely for the referral. (Click here for details).  As well you should be compensated for providing this vital recommendation.

Anyway, that's just a brief overview of how we can work together to help keep homeowners safe and informed.

So if you are skilled at raccoon trapping or with other animals in general, give us a call at 727.527.2022 or toll free at 1-877-NOCRITTER today.  Simply mention that you are a trapper and are looking to become affiliated with A+ Restorations renowned biohazardous animal remediation service.

Talk soon,

Alex Pemberton
A+ Restorations

P.S.  Please note.  Raccoon trapping is a skill, but even if you are the best, you still must be professional, courteous and treat the animals in a humane and decent manner.

All of the trappers affiliated with A+ Restorations must abide by these guidelines.  There are no exceptions.

Attention Trappers!!!
Get A "No Hassle", $1,000 Referral Fee.

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