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Raccoon Tracks

Here's a few excellent pictures of raccoon tracks courteousy of the United States Department of Agriculture.

First of all, here's what the front and hind/rear paw tracks of a raccoon look like.

 Notice that much like a humans hand and foot, these little critters have five fingers and toes also.  It helps make them excellent climbers as well as incredible adapt at opening trash lids and containers you have laying around of all sorts.  And yes, of course, it makes them more than capable of getting into your attic by ripping holes in the roof!

front and hind raccoon tracks

Next you'll notice the typically pattern that you'd see imprinted in the ground when they are walking.  You'll notice that they tend to overlap a bit.

walking raccoon tracks 2

Here's the typical imprint that they leave with all 4's, including the typical spacing you'd see in an average sized male raccoon.  Baby raccoon will obviously be much smaller, but you'll easily be able to make the distinction if their prints are next to their mothers...

walkin raccoon tracks 3

Please note, these photos are not indicative of all these animals, as sum will naturally be larger than others.  These are based off of average sizes of these animals.

Anyway, the next time you see tracks in the ground you'll know very quickly that it was a raccoon that left the imprint.

As seen on David Letterman and Fox's hit T.V. Series House...

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