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Greatest Raccoon Repellent For Your Home

raccoon-repellentLooking for an amazing raccoon repellent?

In this article I'll reveal the only surefire way I've ever found to keep those unwanted house guests gone for good.  It works like gangbusters.

Plus, you can even get it done without spending a single dime!

Trust me.  It's worth it because it's hands-down the most effective way to keep those critters from revisiting.

Let's begin.

Homeowners make many foolish mistakes when dealing with raccoon control.

For instance, it's NOT just enough to remove the animal from your home and then repair the entry point.  That's not a viable raccoon repellent.  Unfortunately it's the fatal flaw that most homeowners are making. Here's why.  Besides the fact that in almost every case, these critters leave behind horrid disease carrying parasites like raccoon roundworm in their droppings, they also "scent post".

Both male and female do this all over your attic!

The male raccoons scent posting attracts female raccoons and of course, the female's posting attract the males.  

Even worse is the fact that scent posting also attracts opossums and other critters who are looking for a safe place to nest. For that opossum there is no safer place than close to a raccoon. They are safe from any predators, because the raccoon won't let the predator in the nesting place.

Listen.  Hark unto me.  Without getting rid of the postings, it is a virtual certainty that raccoons and other animals will scratch, claw and gnaw their way back into your home because they smell the scent in there. Once the scent posting is gone, the motivation for the animals entering your home is gone as well.

It's hands-down the single greatest raccoon repellent for your home... period!

Once you remove the scent from your attic, then and only then would you focus on repairing the entry points.  Otherwise they are just going to keep getting ripped open again.

Now.  While this method of raccoon repellent is, in my opinion, your only option if you want them gone for good (and you want to keep you family safe from disease), it is obviously labor intensive.

I mean, you have to pull all the insulation out of your attic and disinfect everything and then spray deodorizer.  Plus, once that's done you have to put all the insulation back in and repair all the damage caused by the raccoons.  Not to mention dozens of other steps, that if missed, can cause them to keep coming back.

As I mentioned though, you can get this form of raccoon control done for free.  Most people have no clue how, but I will show you how my company A+ Restorations is able to get it done without costing you a single cent.  That' correct... our special method makes it quick, easy and painless and we are the only specialize company that does it in the state of Florida.

Simply enter you first name and email below for a special report that explains the details.

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