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Raccoon Poop In Your Attic Can Be Fatal

Do you have raccoon poop in your attic left behind by those unwanted guests?

If you answered yes, then you must understand one vital fact, it can be fatal to your and your family.

Here at A+ Restorations we understand just how serious of an issue this is.  Did you know that raccoons carry a large number of diseases that you can come into contact with through their feces and other bodily secretions.

According to the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management these animals can be carriers of...

Raccoons are one of the most common species to carry rabies.  It's spread when you come into contact with their saliva... which most certainly they can leave behind in your attic or other spaces.

Baylisascaris procyonis
This is more commonly known as raccoon roundworm.  It is a parasite of the intestines in these animals and sheds large numbers of eggs in the raccoon poop.  It has been known to cause death and even blindness in certain cases.  This is nasty stuff and is a very large problem in the attics and other spaces these animals have pried their way into.

This is a microscopic protazoal infection that raccoons can carry in their feces.  It is known to be transferred to water, soil and other surfaces. Humans can contract Giardia by ingestion of infective cysts left by these animals.

Leptospira species is a bacterial infection that Raccoons can shed through urine and other bodily secretions. Exposure of these excretions to open wounds or orally can cause infection to humans. 

Other Diseases include bacteria such as Salmonella or E. Coli, fungus and rare parasites can also be a risk for illness in humans.

Listen.  It's not just the raccoon poop and other secretions that a to blame for disease.  When these animals get into our home they can carry fleas, ticks and other parasites on their fur that they spread when they rummage through the insulation of your attic and rub up against walls and things.

The point is simple, if you have had a raccoon, opossum, bat or other small mammal in your home, then you need to get it disinfected to prevent the spread of these illnesses to you or your loved ones.

You should give us a call today for a home inspection.

As seen on David Letterman and Fox's hit T.V. Series House...

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