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Top 10 Raccoon Facts

Here is a list of the top 10 raccoon facts you may not know.  Some of these are absolutely amazing.  Some frightening!  Read the list and discover for yourself.

raccoon-facts1. Raccoons are capable of achieving body masses made up of 50% body fat, but it is mostly the animals in the cooler regions that achieve this.  (See what do raccoons eat for more info on their diet?)

2. Their tails can make up 52% of their length, up to 405 mm.

3. Raccoons do not hibernate.  During extremely cold periods raccoons have been known to sleep for long periods, but do not hibernate.

4. These critters climb with great ease and are not bothered by a drop of 35 to 40 feet!  This is one of the truly amazing raccoon facts!

5. As well as being agile climbers, these animals are also very strong swimmers, although they are often reluctant to enter the water because without waterproof fur, swimming forces them to take on extra weight.

raccoon-front-paw6. Raccoons have a highly developed tactile sense. Their human-like forepaws (complete with 5 fingers) are used to pick up food with their front paws before putting it in their mouth.  Just like you do.  Here's more raccoon tracks.

7.  These animals can live up to 16 years in the wild, but most don't make it past their second birthday.  Did you know that a captive raccoon was recorded living for 21 years!  Another of the truly amazing raccoon facts!

8. Raccoons generally have one litter per year that typically consists of 4 babies.  Although they can have 3 to 7.  Sexual maturity often occurs in females before they are one year old!

9. Raccoon pelts have been harvested since the colonial period.   Although demand has diminished greatly, the pelts may still be sold as imitation mink, otter, or even seal fur. ( Did you know that raccoons are also eaten by some cultures?)

10. These critters carry many diseases, the worst of which is a microscopic parasite known as raccoon roundworm.  It has been known to cause death and blindness in humans.  If you've had one of these animals in your attic you need to get it disinfected to protect you and your loved ones.  Enter your first name and email below for a special report that reveals how you can have it done.

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