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11 Raccoon Diseases Left In Your Home

Here is a list of 11 raccoon diseases that you or your loved ones can catch from these unwanted house guests.

Please note guys...

Even if these critters (and this includes opossum, bats and other small mammals) are no longer in your home, you are still very much at risk because the diseases stay behind in the fecal matter and other bodily secretions.

Here is the list.  Please keep in mind that there are others, but these are some of the most common you or your loved ones can come into contact with...

1.  Raccoon Roundworm:  It is a parasite of the intestines in these animals.  It has been known to cause death and even blindness in certain cases.  (Simply sign up for the report below for more details.)

2.  Rabies:  You can get this by coming into contact with a raccoons saliva either through a bite... or saliva that has been left behind from gnawing on attic wood and other materials.

3. Canine distemper:  This is a probably the most common or the viral diseases in raccoons.   It is very similar to rabies.

4.  Giardiasis:  This is a microscopic protazoal infection carried in their feces.  If they get into your attic, they generally leave behind a large amount of fecal matter.

5.  Leptospirosis:  It is a bacterial infection that these critters that can spread to you through their urine and other bodily secretions such as scent posting (This article about raccoon repellent discusses more about scent posting). If your open cuts or other wounds come into contact with raccoon secretions you can get this.

6.  Salmonella:  A bacteria you can get from parasites living in raccoon poop.

7.  Hepatitis:  A viral disease that can be spread through bodily secretions.

8.  E. Coli:  A bacteria you can get from parasites living in raccoon poop.

9.  Fleas:  These are parasites that these little critters carry in their fur.  When they get into your attic and rummage around in your insulation flees are left behind.  These parasites are known carriers of many raccoon diseases.

10.  Ticks:  Like flees, ticks are parasites that are "rubbed-off" the fur when they rummage through your insulation and rub up against wood and other materials in your attic.

11.  Fungus:  This is very general, but quite frankly their is such a wide assortment of fungi and bacterial infections that raccoons carry that it would be hard to narrow it down.

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