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Allstate Raccoon Commercial

Here's a funny commercial just released by Allstate about raccoon damage in your attack.

You've probably seen this actor on other Allstate commercial... HILARIOUS!!

Anyway, you know that if a giant insurance company like Allstate is running an ad campaign like this, than raccoons are a serious issue.  They literally rip into everything in your attic and leave behind droppings and deadly parasites that can harm you and your family.

Most people just take this for granted.  They'll simply remove the raccoon from their attic and that's it.  Perhaps they'll even repair minor damages, but rest assured that this is not even close to enough.

Listen guys.  Raccoon leave behind diseases.  Deadly diseases!  They can negatively impact the health of you and your loved onces.  If you've had a raccoon or other unwanted house guest in your attic than the space needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

Here at A+ Restorations we work with your insurance company to clean up any damage that Raccoons have caused in your attic and we completely disinfect everything.  It makes it much easier on you.

Just take a look at our 12 step process.

Remember, we work with your insurance company and handle everything.  It makes attic clean-up a very smooth process.

Go ahead and watch the Allstate raccoon commercial below and then contact us for a free inspection.


A+ Restorations

P.S.  The one thing that was left out of the commercial (and the much more serious issue) are the diseases that raccoons leave behind in your home.  Roundworm is just one example.

Listen guys.  Hark unto me.  If you've had a raccoon in your attic then you need to get it handled the correct way.

Give us a call today so you can ensure that your family is living in a clean home.

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