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Here's A+ Restorations Renowned, 12-Step Animal Biohazard Remediation Process

Discover how the only specialized animal biohazard remediation company in the State Of Florida will get rid of Raccoon, Opossum and other small mammals from your home, disinfect everything so your family is safe, and then stop those furry critters from coming back.


Who is this service for?

Two people really...

1.  Those who currently have raccoons, opossum or other small mammals living in their attic, walls and/or other spaces.

2.  Those who have had past incidences of raccoons, opossum or other small mammals living in their attic, walls and/or other spaces.  You are still at risk no matter how long it has been.

How much does it cost?

Here at A+, we can get the Job done for you for free.  I know this sounds "far-fetched", but in most cases, your insurance company handles the charge.  Don't worry, you don't even have to talk with them because we handle everything.  Give us a call today so we can give your home a free inspection to determine if you qualify.  Our number is 772.527.2022 or toll free at 1-877-NOCRITTER.

What are the renowned 12 steps of our specialized process?

Step 1:  Remove Insulation

remove-raccoon-damaged-insulationRemove all the insulation from your attic. Yes, we need to remove all the insulation. Why? For several reasons. First, raccoons, like dogs or any other animals, will scent post with their urine and feces. They will do this all over YOUR attic.

In addition, the strong possibility exists that the raccoon has brought up and left parasites in the attic. We've been in more then one pet-free home, in which the homeowner complained about a flea infestation after the raccoon was caught.

Remember: Flea's carry disease! So do Ticks, And raccoons carry BOTH parasites.

Finally, the last reason that we remove all the insulation is because we need to get to the entire attic surface. See, without access to the entire attic, we cannot clean up the raccoon feces and urine and other secretions left in your home. If anyone else tells you that they can do this WITHOUT removing all the insulation, they are lying to you!

Step 2:  Scrub Surfaces And Clean Attic Space

Once we have all the insulation out of your attic, we then go through the entire attic and physically scrub wood and all other surfaces that have had contact with fecal, urine or other bodily secretions.

We do this with our special cleaning solution.

We also wipe down all wiring and all ductwork and everything in the attic.

Next we send our crew through the attic, so they can pick up any:
  • Dead animal skeletons
  • Rotten Food
  • Animal Carcasses
  • Any trash or garbage the raccoons brought into the attic.
  • Anything else the raccoons may have brought in.
You'd be surprised what we find.  Everything from small bones and flesh... To garbage that these critters have brought in from trash dumpsters!

Step 3:  * Apply proprietary Baylisascaris Procyonis (Raccoon Roundworm) Treatment

Finally, for the last step, we do a special proprietary Baylisascaris treatment.   This highly specialized proprietary process is known only to A+ Restorations and is absolutely VITAL.

Here's why...

Baylisascaris is the "granddaddy" of disease raccoons carry and what makes it even worse is that it is virtually immune to chemical disinfection.

This causes a problem in your attic. You can't just go up there with some bleach and call it a day. The problem has to be handled by professionals who know what they are doing, otherwise, the chances of Baylisascaris still infecting your attic is too great.

Now get this...

raccoons flea brochureThe Santa Barbara County Health Department suggest using a propane torch to get rid of Baylisascaris!  That's how tough this horrible stuff is.

The only problem with that is obvious - you can't use a torch in your attic without risking fire!!!

So what's the answer!?

Here at A+ Restorations we have developed a special process that rids your attic of Baylisascaris, but does not hurt the structure or building material of your home. No one else does this. No one else knows to do it. We are the ONLY company with this process, which means we are the only company who can insure you that your house is safe from raccoons and raccoon diseases.

In short, we apply a highly specialized proprietary treatment that  removes the exterior shell of the Baylisascaris Procyonis egg so that we can kill it with the disinfectant.

(Remember, this is VITALLY important because it is the eggs that cause serious health hazards.  Raccoon roundworm eggs get into the air and you breath then in causing major health issues including death.  Even blindness in some cases.)  

Step 4:  Disinfection and Deodorization

Next we apply our three-step disinfection/deodorizing process. This step is one of the MOST important steps in the entire process. Without it, you are guaranteed to have the animal nuisance come back. If it's done incorrectly, your home may still be hazardous to your health.

This disinfectant kills 99.9% of all the germs in your attic. Once it is applied, virtually all of your concerns over the raccoon diseases are gone.

One Note: We apply the disinfectant with an atomizer and a microfine application to insure full coverage and make sure it does not get into your living space. While the disinfectant is completely harmless, we do recognize that some people are sensitive to chemicals, even mild ones. Rest assured, no one has ever had ANY reaction to this process in all our years of doing this.

After the disinfectant dries, we then attack the scent posting with an enzyme deodorizer.

Why an enzyme deodorizer?

As I mentioned earlier, raccoons, like all other animals, scent post. The part that I have not mentioned is that the scent posting attracts other raccoons and other animals.

See, male raccoons scent posting attracts female raccoons. It also attracts opossums who are looking for a safe place to nest. For that opossum there is no safer place than close to a raccoon. They are safe from any predators, because the raccoon won't let the predator in the nesting place.

Other males are also attracted to scent posting, to see if they can take over the area.

Female scent posting attracts male raccoons and opossums.

Without getting rid of the scent posting, you are almost guaranteed that raccoons will come back. Once the scent posting is gone, the motivation for the raccoons (and other animals) entering your home is gone as well.

raccoons-in-atticStep 5:  Inspect And Repair Damage

Raccoons will regularly rip up ductwork/AC boxes, tear into electrical connections, gnaw at wood and drywall, and just, in general, act in an objectable way.

No matter what damage we find, we WILL take care of it.

We will repair everything...

- Damaged electrical wires

- Damaged wood

- Damaged drywall

raccoon-damaged-wiresYou name it, we will fix all of it and get it looking as good as new so that everything in your home is working the way it was before those unwanted guests caused issues.

Step 6:  Secondary Inspection

We do a secondary inspection to verify that the Job is done according to our protocol standards before we go beyond that point.

Step 7:  Insulation

After the three-step disinfection process, any repairs, and the secondary inspection, we will then put insulation back into the attic. We will replace whatever R rating you had in your attic. But the lowest R rating we put in is R30. So if you have R19 now, you will get R30. If you have R45 now, you will get R45.

The R rating reflects how well the insulation works. The higher the R rating, the better the insulation your home. After we re-insulate your home, we turn our attention to the outside.

Step 8:  Repair Entry Points

attic-damage-raccoonWe will find ALL the places the raccoon was using to come in and out of your home, and we will repair them.

At this point, the insurance company stops paying for the work that we do.

However, the next five steps we still do, free, because it's the right way to do the job, and we want to guarantee our work.

Step 9:  Raccoon Proof Entry Points

Once we have repaired all entry points, we go back and "raccoon proof" those points. This insures that the raccoons do not get through those entry points again.

Step 10:  Raccoon Proof Rest Of Home

Then we find any possible entry points, like right over the gutter downspouts or on the corners of a stuccoed home, and we raccoon proof those spots.

Side Note: Stop! This is important! Remember I pointed to the scent posting before? Well these two steps, combined with the enzyme deodorizer, insure that the raccoons do not get back in your home.

See, if you remove the scent posting and don't raccoon proof the house, you get a situation where the raccoons eventually wander back into your home. There is no motivation. But it is easy, and eventually, they'll find a way back in.

If you raccoon proof your home, but don't get rid of scent posting, you end up with a situation in which the raccoon will become very destructive, even ripping through your roof - just like the picture's below - to get in.

It may be difficult. But they have the motivation. By removing the scent and raccoon proofing, we make it difficult and remove the motivation. With no motivation, the raccoons won't expend the energy to do something difficult, just like any other animal. So they leave your home alone.

Step 11:  Repair Any Other Damage Around Your Home

In addition to entry points, raccoons can and will tear screens, displace shingles, damage fascia, and do other cosmetic damage to your home. We repair ALL of that.

Step 12:  Predator Scent Inside And Outside

raccoon-predator-scentAs I told you, the raccoons leave a scent posting that we will remove. Once this is gone and the home is secured, that takes care of 99.9% of the raccoons. There is the 1 out of 1,000, however, that is the odd one out. For that raccoon, we put a predator scent in the attic.

So if he does try and get in, it smells like an animal that will eat him is in the attic. You will not smell anything. But the animals won't want anything to do with your home. Because not only is it difficult to get in, and there is no motivation, but now for that 1 out of 1,000 odd raccoons, it smells dangerous.

Predator scent the yard. This lasts only a few weeks. But it is long enough to start a change in the behaviors patterns of the wildlife in your area. When they approach your home, it will smell like a predator lives there. So they will stay away. Once again, you will not smell anything, and it will NOT hurt your pets, yard, or the wildlife. It just makes them want to go somewhere else.

That's Our 12-Step Process!

* After everything is completed we do a walk through with you, the client, to ensure that everything meets your satisfaction.

You should give us a call today because it's free.  We will come out and inspect your home to make sure your insurance will cover everything (In most cases they do), and then we will get started.  Don't risk the health of you or your loved ones, give us a call today at 772.527.2022 or toll free at 1-877-NOCRITTER so we can assist you.  We are very friendly to speak with!

Please note:  It makes no difference what state you reside in, we still may be able to help so give us a call.

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